Packages and Pricing

There is more than what meets the eye when it comes to our coaching programs. Your coach will cater each program specifically to you and your needs so the program itself is just as unique as you are!

ALL IN Coaching Package: $350/month for three months*


Ready to go ALL IN? Our premium package includes everything you need to get started on your way to the NEW YOU. Get the results you’ve been longing for without restricting ANY foods.  That’s right. No foods are off limits on this program. Your coach will establish a starting nutrition budget for you. How you choose to empty your budget is completely up to you. In order to maximize your results a specialized resistance and flexibilty training program is included with cardio recommendations; all based on your experience and goals. 


  • Initial calorie/macronutrient split based on your body and goals
  • Weekly 15-30 minute phone calls to check-in, problem solve, set goals and make adjustments as needed
  • 24/7 support from your coach via text and e-mail
  • Additional tidbits: 
    • Nutrition tracking guide
    • Sample meal plan that fits your personal macros
    • Healthy meals/high protein snack ideas
    • Grocery list
    • Macro friendly recipes


  • Three separate 4-week progressive resistance training workouts sent at the beginning of each month + monthly Video Calls for exercise form checks!
  • Recommended sets, repetitions and starting weights
  • Cardio recommendations (all based on YOUR goals/needs)
  • Warm-up and cool down routines 

Fitness-Only Packge: $50


Feeling comfortable enough to go about it on your own? Our Fitness-Only Package offers a structured, purposeful, goal-oriented workout program to help you get stronger, leaner and more toned. 

  • One 4-week progressive resistance training workout
  • Cardio and Flexibility recommendations
  • Warm-up and cool down routines

StudioFive Training E-Book: How to Calulate your Macros $15


Want to learn how to track your macros and what it means to follow a flexible dieting lifestyle where no foods are off limits? 


*StudioFive Training Gold and Platinum packges are billed monthly. Clients agree to commit to three (3) months and acknowledge they will be held responsible for all clauses in the StudioFive Training: Personal Training Agreement. In the event the client terminates the Personal Training Agreement; StudioFive Training shall retain all payments made and collect all future payments until the three (3) months are completed.


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