Summer Shred Challenge-



  • 8 Weeks long
  • 2 Grand Prize Winners: 
    • Weight loss percentage 
    • Total inches lost
      • Must submit BEFORE and AFTER pictures
      • Must check-in 4 weeks out of the 8 weeks
  • Two 4-week progressive strength training workouts
  • Cardio recommendations
  • How to calulate your personal calories/macros
  • Meal Plan Guides
    • 3 different options: 1400, 1600, 1800 calories
    • DIY tracking option with templates
  • StudioFive Training E-book; How to Calulate and Track Your Macros ($15 value)
  • Weekly Check-ins (optional)
    • Questionnaire
    • Weekly tracker/progress report
  • Live videos for Q&A once a week

*StudioFive Training Summer Shred Challenge package is billed monthly. Clients agree to commit to two (2) months and acknowledge they will be held responsible for all clauses in the StudioFive Training: Personal Training Agreement. In the event the client terminates the Personal Training Agreement; StudioFive Training shall retain all payments made and collect all future payments until the two (2) months are completed.

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