Mara and I started talking around the middle of November 2013 after becoming friends through a mutual friend a few months earlier. She saw a post of mine on Facebook about protein shakes and offered me some advice on their benefits and ideas for what kinds to make. She definitely knows her stuff! She made me feel so comfortable and left herself open to any and all questions which was wonderful since I knew very little about proper nutrition. After a couple of weeks of advice on protein shakes and workout recovery, she offered to help determine how many calories I really needed. This offer was a Godsend because I was really struggling to lose weight and just not happy. Mara figured how many calories I should really be having and it was surprisingly several hundred more than what I had been aiming for. She explained why I needed this number of calories in a great way that made me really understand the science of my body. I stuck with this number for a couple of weeks and had great success! Needless to say, Mara has been my nutritional guide ever since then! She has been so amazing to work with and I am beyond thankful she has been willing to guide and teach me about food and nutrition! She has taught me what nutrients to focus on and what I should be eating to get there. Because of Mara, I feel like I am so much more knowledgeable about food and what I need to be putting into my body. I am even now being asked for advice on what to eat and feel I can help teach other people which I NEVER thought I would be able to do! Mara is AMAZING and is so wonderful to work with! She knows and understands nutrition and exercise and helps people who know nothing about them understand them as well. She is gentle, yet firm with her advice and motivation. I am forever grateful for Mara and what she has done for me! 

-Kristin O.- Grand Forks, ND

Mara is a gifted trainer with an eye for using perfect form and technique. Not only does she bring enthusiasm and a sense of humor to her training, but a wide understanding of health, nutrition, joint and muscle anatomy which is so important for injury prevention and rehab.

When I first met Mara, she was instructing a class on rowing and kranking.  I fell in love with her infectious enthusiasm and her outright joy in helping people become fit.  It was shortly after that class where Mara became my own personal fitness trainer while I was studying in Grand Forks, ND.

Working with Mara helped me too not only lose inches from my midsection but also to gain inches in muscle in my legs after bilateral knee replacement.  Mara took the time and patience to understand my own personal goals and limitations.  She was instrumental in helping me to overcome the fear of overworking my knees, which allowed me to reach personal achievements I never thought possible.

Mara is a passionate, dedicated trainer whose enthusiasm is contagious.  Because of her enthusiasm to see you succeed she will help you reach levels you never knew you could aspire too!

I highly recommend Mara for her training and coaching style for anyone interested in pursuing strength, toning, overall fitness, as well as her assistance in nutritional guidance, she’s absolutely amazing and you will not be disappointed!

-Brian B.- Minot, ND

I used to spend a lot of money going out to eat and I knew it was not the healthiest to do so. I am also not a top-notch chef so I was struggling to find healthier meals that I could make at home. I found StudioFive Training on Facebook. They are very affordable and Mara really knows what she’s doing! She was able to create a really easy list of meal ideas that I was able to make no problem! I have saved a ton of money from not going out to eat and I feel a lot better! Mara is very knowledgeable, I would definitely recommend her to anyone that is struggling with nutrition or is looking for a personal trainer!

-Will L.- St. Paul, MN 

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