Brian B.


Mara is a gifted trainer with an eye for using perfect form and technique. Not only does she bring enthusiasm and a sense of humor to her training, but a wide understanding of health, nutrition, joint and muscle anatomy which is so important for injury prevention and rehab.

When I first met Mara, she was instructing a class on rowing and kranking.  I fell in love with her infectious enthusiasm and her outright joy in helping people become fit.  It was shortly after that class where Mara became my own personal fitness trainer while I was studying in Grand Forks, ND.

Working with Mara helped me too not only lose inches from my midsection but also to gain inches in muscle in my legs after bilateral knee replacement.  Mara took the time and patience to understand my own personal goals and limitations.  She was instrumental in helping me to overcome the fear of overworking my knees, which allowed me to reach personal achievements I never thought possible.

Mara is a passionate, dedicated trainer whose enthusiasm is contagious.  Because of her enthusiasm to see you succeed she will help you reach levels you never knew you could aspire too!

I highly recommend Mara for her training and coaching style for anyone interested in pursuing strength, toning, overall fitness, as well as her assistance in nutritional guidance, she’s absolutely amazing and you will not be disappointed!

~Brian B. Minot, ND

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